Organic Sonoran Desert Wildflower Honey

Organic Sonoran Desert Wildflower Honey

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Organic Raw and Unfiltered Sonoran Desert Honey.  A blend of Mesquite, Palo Verde, Cat's Claw and other desert wildflowers.

Our honey is always a poly-floral Sonoran desert wild flower honey.  The hives are kept in the desert away from agriculture, it is raw and unfiltered.  We work with bee keepers east of Tucson, Az and down to Sonora Mexico.  All the beekeepers keep their hives in the Sonoran desert, the and the bees harvest the nectar from the same desert wild flowers as we have listed above. This honey is organic.

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Choose between 12 or 24 oz.  Honey color and flavor may vary from hive to hive and season. 

The color of the honey may differ depending on which flowers are blooming at the time the bees are collecting the nectar.  Color can change during each harvest from the same bee hive.  The untamed Sonoran desert!