Sonoran Desert Wildflower Creamed Honey

Sonoran Desert Wildflower Creamed Honey


Our creamed honey is created using Sonoran Desert Wildflower Honey.  It is naturally crystalized into a fine creamy smooth melt in your mouth deliciousness.  Store in the pantry at room temperature or if you choose to in the refrigerator.  It is purely raw and unfiltered honey so it does not spoil. 

Choose from Fair Trade Organic Peruvian Chocolate, Ceylon Cinnamon or Plain.  

Add to your morning or afternoon tea.  Or your favorite hot cereal, that warm piece of toast, graham crackers, or add your favorite citrus juice and use in place of a glaze on your favorite quick bread, muffins or bundt cake, ice cream, use to make truffles, peanut butter treats…list goes one. If it gets a little firm just warm a little in a water bath.

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