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Honey Caramel


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Arizona is the place to be and that is where Tom and Linda met.  Both have a passion for the Sonoran Desert landscape and the riches it provides.

 Linda was raised in a family that created everything from food to art and had a passion for the outdoors. She has lived in different parts of the United States from Hawaii to New Jersey, which allowed her to experience a variety of food and cultures.  Art and food are her passions!

Tom was raised on a steady diet of homemade cookies and has traveled all over the United States experiencing the rich texture of our country. He loves the outdoors, gardening and spending his time gathering local harvest and bringing the Untamed into the kitchen.  

They are passionate about sustainability, organics and the future for our children and grandchildren. They know that many of us have a sweet tooth and wanted to bring a quality organic sweet product to those who love confections!


Artisan Honey Chocolate Confections

Artisan Honey Chocolate Confections

Honey Caramel Confections

Honey Caramel Confections

Raw Unfiltered Sonoran Desert Honey

Raw Unfiltered Sonoran Desert Honey

Herb or Spice Infused Honey

Infuse your Honey!

Infused Honey is a special way to add important herbs and spices to your diet

Ingredients & Sustainable Practices


We create Untamed Confections in small batches using organic ingredients. 

Being frustrated with undecipherable ingredients on our food packages, we decided to go off the rails. We use honey as our only sweetener, corn syrup free!   

      Nothing artificial . . . EVER

The passion and care we have for our confections shows in the quality, and of course, the taste!

Not only is it important for us to offer confections that taste great, but that they are made in an environmentally-friendly and wholesome manner. 

Tom harvesting Mesquite Beans

Tom harvesting Mesquite Beans

We don’t take any shortcuts,  using only the finest and freshest ingredients we can find.  At Untamed Confections,  we’re also big advocates of organic and sustainable agricultural practices. 

Whatever we can’t harvest ourselves for our confections, we purchase from local and or organic farms or suppliers.  This means,  when you check the ingredient list on any of our sweets, you won’t find any strange chemicals,  or words you can’t pronounce! 

It’s important to us as a company that we take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why we try to connect with nature at every level, from our ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging.

Tom Harvesting Prickly Pear Fruit

"Delicious, local, organic, lots of selection...this Arizona treasure has it all...Elaine W."

"This is another fine mess you've got me into..." -Tom


The original Velvet Mesquite Honey Cararamel

The original Velvet Mesquite Honey Cararamel

Linda :"I want to make caramel from mesquite beans and honey."
Tom: "O.K."
Linda: "Great it will be fun! I'll buy the honey and you pick the mesquite beans..oh, by the way watch out for the rattlesnake that I saw out in the yard yesterday."

Untamed Confections is a unique confectionery nightmare dream hatched after a bottle of tequila well developed business plan.

Linda's pension for unbridled creativity and Tom's inclination for eating anything that is sweet related, well, we created something that people love, and miraculously, Untamed Confections was born!

We pride ourselves on being a small, family-owned business, of two, Tom and Linda. We now have one, almost full-time employee, thanks Renee!