We take extra care that your confections arrive safely to your doorstep.

Domestic Priority Mail via USPS                

Express USPS Mail      

FedEx Services                               

Please contact us for Express mail services or shipping rates over 70 lbs.

Our Products are created in small batches and we usually ship within 4-6 days of your order.  If you have an urgent need for our confections.  Please contact us via our contact form before ordering.

During warm weather there is an extra charge of $6 for cooling materials if needed.  Due to the perishable nature of our products, the following warm weather shipping policies are applicable during spring and summer and/or to warm weather destinations as applicable throughout the year (temperatures greater than 72 degrees).

Due to heat we do not have packages in transit over the weekend.  

We are able to ship chocolate products to warm weather areas (or during periods of warm weather) if the product is in transit for two days or less and is in special packaging with ice packs. We cannot guarantee if a package sits outside or takes longer to transit during warmer weather.  

This requires certain destinations to be shipped either Next Day Air Saver or 2nd Day Air.  We are not able to guarantee safe arrival of your product  when temperatures reach 72 degrees and above - Your order will be held and you will be contacted with a ship date.  This applies both to the destination of your package, or the temperature at our location.

We recommend to ship your order to an destination where someone can receive the delivery directly and immediately.

 If your order is a gift, it is your responsibility to alert the recipient to expect a perishable (and delicious!) delivery.

Delivery Times for Businesses & Residences

USPS is our preferred shipping vendor and we ship priority mail unless otherwise requested.  Please contact us for special requests.


Do you have gluten free products?

Yes, currently all of our products are gluten free except for the products that contain pretzels.

Are there any corn derivatives in your products?

We do not use corn syrup or corn derivatives in our products.

Are your products lactose free?

In all of our caramel we use an organic cream and organic butter, known to be extremely low or lactose free.  Our Peruvian organic chocolate bars, our honey cream bites and honeymallows are dairy and lactose free.

Are your products GMO free?

Yes, all of them. We think it's not nice to fool with mother nature.

What type of honey do you use?

We use raw, unfiltered (but strained to get the large hive parts out)  Sonoran Desert wildflower honey in our products. Some of the flowers the bees collect nectar and pollen from are mesquite, palo verde, cat claw, prickly pear and other wildflowers blooming in the Sonoran Desert.

Do you keep your own hives?

We do not keep our own hives. We work with Sonoran Desert beekeepers who maintain good practices and keep their bees away from agriculture that use harmful pesticides and do not relocate their bees to other areas.

What is the shelf life?

6 months or more. Since we use biodegradable and compostable packaging, the cello packaging will begin to naturally degrade after 6 months. The caramels will last as long as 2 years or more. Honey will typically last for years.

How many caramels are in each bite size bag?

There are 20 mouth watering, jaw dropping delicious bite size morsels in each bag. Net weight is 3.2 oz.

Where can we find your products?

See our events tab at the top of our home page, and also our partners tab. Our shop is in beautiful Tubac, Arizona, in the La Entrada shopping section. We have our commercial demonstration kitchen where you can watch us do our magic, and an adjoining tasting room/retail area to enjoy free taste samples. 

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we currently ship to Canada, if you have a special request please contact us.