Let's honor the marshmallow

Orange Honeymallows

Orange Honeymallows

Whoever thought to have a special day honoring the marshmallow, well our hats are off to them.  With fall just around the corner what a better time to celebrate the toasted marshmallow. 

My daughter just requested the we send some marshmallows to her and her family, and that same day I found a calendar of special days to celebrate, and to my surprise there is a National Toasted Marshmallow dayAugust 30, to be exact.  Ok, we are a little late...but we still want to celebrate this fluffy delicious confection.

Vanilla Honeymallows ready to cut

Vanilla Honeymallows ready to cut

We have started experimenting with different marshmallow flavors, in our Untamed way, but not after some extensive research on the origins.   After digging through the history and with Wikipedia's help, we found that  Marshmallow root was a main ingredient for making marshmallows...so we had to add that ingredient to our marshmallows, organic of course!

Today you won't find many candy makers that use marshmallow root or honey in their marshmallows, they are mostly made of corn syrup, sugar and gelatin.

The Egyptians used honey and marshmallow root as a candy and cough and sore throat remedy and traditionally to support a healthy digestive system.  Though no current studies have currently been done on this. (disclaimer)

Confectioners in 1900 France would extract the gelatin from marshmallow root and sweeten it to make a sweet similar to our marshmallow today. 

We love to look at the old to make new again so we do add that secret ingredient to our delicious and fluffy honeymallows (marshmallows).

We just launched our Peanut Butter HoneyMallows on our website with more to come...stay tuned.

So celebrate with us and toast a marshmallow or two. Get Untamed! tm

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