About Untamed Confections Honey Caramel and Organic Chocolate

Learn about Untamed Confections and how we started our Untamed Adventure.

Tom and Linda - Co-Owners

Untamed Confections is a unique confectionery dream, located in Arizona but with the ability to ship our sweet treats anywhere in the United States, or Canada. We pride ourselves on being a small, family-owned business, and the passion and care we have for our confections shows in the quality, and of course, the taste! Not only is it important for us to offer confections that taste great,  but that they are made in an environmentally-friendly and wholesome manner.  We don’t take any shortcuts with any of our confections,  using only the finest and freshest ingredients we can find.  At Untamed Confections,  we’re also big advocates of organic and sustainable agricultural practices.  Whatever we can’t harvest ourselves for our confections, we purchase from local and or organic farms.  This means,  when you check the ingredient list on any of our sweets, you won’t find any strange chemicals,  or words you can’t pronounce! 

It’s important to us as a company that we take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why we try to connect with nature at every level, from our ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging.

Meet The Team Behind Untamed Confections

Linda Crawford-Williams is a published, award winning cloisonné enamel art jeweler.  She is a nationally recognized artist, surpassed only by her creativity in the kitchen with her own unique honey creations.  Untamed Confections is truly a passion for Linda,  allowing her to produce the best-quality and most unique,  all-natural treats you can find.  These confections truly melt in your mouth,  and you can feel as good about eating them as Linda feels about making them as she takes a careful approach to make sure every ingredient is as natural as can be.

Tom Williams translates his love of all things natural into our eco-friendly mantra to exist as much as possible in harmony with our planet,  and this of course,  reflects right into our confections.  Working with Linda in producing sweet all-natural honey caramels and chocolate confections, our creations are an extension of his environmental inspiration.  Tom’s mesquite wood and turquoise sculpture art forms have been featured nationally,  and he’s found identical excitement in working with Linda to bring to the market unique and wholesome treats at Untamed Confections.

Special thanks to Danny Williams for his tremendous support and contributions to Untamed Confections.

Thanks for stopping by our website, and please continue to look around.  We’re sure the exotic flavors of the wild southwest will get your mouth watering in no time when you’re checking out our unique honey caramels, chocolate creations, and all-natural confections, inspired by the Sonoran Desert and made with the best local ingredients.  Have an Untamed Confections day!

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